I’m the birthday girl!

Hello, pretty people!

Today is my birthday (yay) and I’m getting really excited for tonight’s program. I’ll have a little party for some friends, and It’s going to be so fun! So, I’m really excited.

I’ve always loved my birthday, even though my mother never made it a big deal. I don’t really know why but i enjoy having a day about me…

Maybe I’m a little selfish, or narcisist… ANYWAY.

I’ll tell about my life: I’m studying and dancing a lot so as you can imagine, routine is giving me a hard time, but I won’t complain, right? There are people out there that would do anything to have the opportunities I’m having so I’ll just feel blessed and thankfull for all. I’m really happy about growing up and experiencing new things about myself. I don’t know why but I feel really good about me today, so I should as well enjoy this moment.

And now about my heart: I decided not to make things more difficult, so I’m just living everything as naturally as I can, and not freaking out about every single thing. What has to be, will be.

Summing up, that’s all I have to say for now. I wish I could say more about my stuff but I don’t have much time or energy hihihihihi

Have nice week you all! xx

P.S.: I have some news but I’ll wait a little to talk about it… ’cause It’s kind of confusing, u know? no? anyway, swear i’ll tell you later.

Crap! It’s happening (NOW IS FOR REAL)

Hello pretty people, I have some news to tell which  are good and not good in the same way. So, I’ll start telling the good ones:

I’m in love.

So yeap, I am feeling everything, goosebumps, sweating, different rhythm of breathing and even the imagination floating over different realities. So until then, everything was going great, but I didn’t know where I was getting into when I wished I’d fallen in love for someone -I made a huge mistake when I did not specify the clauses of who I wanted to fall in love with or even when I wanted it to happen-

As my english sucks, I’ll try to simplify it:

I am in a group of very united friends. In this group there is this friend (let’s call him A) who had a huge crush on me and made our relationship very hard because I didn’t liked him that way. It was a rought time, but It’s in the past and fourtunatly he is recovering from me having broken his heart. Anyway, now we are friends and finally everything is slowly getting better.

The problem is there is another friend (let’s call him M) who is really close to A -like bff- and, suddenly has become REALLY really important to me. The kind of important that you want to be near all the time.

If you didn’t get what’s going on yet, I’ll be clearer. I am in love for someone who I think doesn’t like me the same way right now, who is also one of my best friends, and is so loyal to his friendships that I really think would stop himself from doing anything, you know?

So YES! I am for real in love and all conspire agains me. It’s a really hard situation, believe me. I think so much about it that is messing up my studies. And until now, nothing has happened. Everything is happening inside me. It’s like a play where I am the only one to decide how the acts will be organized but they affect everyone.

My life scenario is a mess.

I hope you (people that I’ll get to know someday) understand my situation right now, and If you can give me any advices please, share. I’m thinking right now about make things go more naturally. If it is to happen It will, right? 

Anyway! I’m really confused and I needed to write something about it -despite my horrible english- to calm my anxiety.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed and understood everything. If you can help me, please leave a comment. If not, you can leave me a motivational frase or anything you think can be usefull to me. Thank you for your time.

See you!

P.S.:I would revise the text if I didn’t have to study right now, so I sorry for any mistake.






and it’s definitely not what your thinking

I’m IN LOVE with a song, yeap. But it’s still a good thing, anyway…

Hi!  It’s been a while since the last time i’ve written something, but i swear it’s just a problem of being organized and not being able to make the Earth spin slower. Anyway, I wanted to make a post to say only two things:
– I’m studying a lot, like, REALLY a lot (Someday I’ll talk more about it)
– You humans NEED to listen to this:


P.S1.: I’m going crazy after the sheets of this song.

P.S2.: You guys should know, I’m crazy about fairytales, and Anastasia is one of my favourites, so get crazy about this cover with me.

P.S3.: Sorry about my horrible english, again. I’ll get better, promise.

P.S4.: I’ll stop using these ridiculous P. S.

The Dream Of Life – Alan Watts


The Better Man Project ™

There’s aren’t enough words to describe how powerful this video is for me. It’s in my iPod and every single morning before I lift I listen to this speech. It’s absolutely stunning. Inspirational. Motivating. It’s everything to me. I would like for you to watch it and tell me what you think.

We all should dream big.

Without going after our dream, we cannot possibly live our best life. It is there for a reason. It’s necessary that we follow it…not just an option.

“If you awaken from this illusion, and you understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death — or shall I say, death implies life — you can feel yourself. Not as a stranger in the world, not as something here on probation, not as something that has arrived here by fluke, but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental.

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Serious post about Love (well not that much)

So, I have just written a crazy post, now this is the good one. So, my mind was wandering by love. I mean, It’s a tricky thing, right? Well…

I’m a girl that has never loved. Ok, maybe not that desperate(haha), but I have never loved someone like girl and boy, man and woman. I love my family, my friends and stuff, well you got it. So, you can imagine how much my mind wonders about it.

It is getting really hard to write about this… So, I’ll try to simplify it.

I adore Love, I could breath fairytales –where things are just perfect and people simply fall in love because of something they believe that is inside of the other one-, I have only kissed 2 boys and when i did it I wasn’t passionate, and I feel this youth(?) inside of me. Ok, maybe not the best word, atraction, perhaps? Well, all I know is that I want to discover it, you can call it “randiness” but it’s not like it.
I want the experience. I want to get to know someone entirely, and vice versa. I want funny stories, passionate kisses (the hot ones as well, haha), fights, songs that mark our lives forever, i want to sleep late, i want to make plans! And even if you tell me that for all of that, at some point I’m going to have to get dissapointed, I will. Because just to live it I think It’d be worth it. It would complete me for some time, and when is time to let go, I would. Or not.

Maybe that time wouldn’t come, or it would come sooner than I expected, but the major point is that I don’t really know! Even though I know this isn’t somethiung that you predict I have nothing to compare, or to say how it will go. So right now, all I’m asking is…


Not that desperate –again-, I’m just saying It would be nice to have someone around to hear me, ok? Anyway, It’s not good to be like watching every step after it, it’s always said that the best love comes unexpectedly, right? I feel like a little bit of change would make me well.

This is more about what I’m thinking right now, just a little realistic. So sming up it all: I want to fall in love because I want to feel how it is and I truly think Love is beautiful, and that it moves things.Someday I’ll write about it in a more serious way. Today was just to play a little bit with words, I’m reeeeeeally tired right now, It’s late here in Brazil.

Have I mentionaded that I’m from Brazil? No?

I’m from Brazil.

P.S.: While I was writing it I was listenig to: SWEATER WHEATER – THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. Maybe this lyrics influenciated me (really likely).
P.S.: Any observations are accepted, even the mean ones hahah
And have a nice week.

Crazy post, but If you read this you have to read the next one…

Hello! So, I’m having a new routine, how about that? Well, It has started this week so it’s pretty new. It’s hard because it envolves more and moooore of me….. guess what

Oh, You’ll never guess that… believe me

ok, it’s studying. It envolves more of me studying. Got you (or not), it’s not really revealing, but still, It’s different and I like making things go in a different way. Just like this post, right now I’m not even a little bit worried how this is written, so forgive my probable mistakes….


that’s is just not what I wanted to talk about :((((

I guess i just have to start another one, but don’t get dissapointed, you –person that I don’t know and that is really probable to have given up of reading this– I have a point with all this (at least I think I do).

Promise: It will be interesting

End of year

Funny thing the end of the year, specially december. Seems to me that is when things start to become clearer, you know? It was a tough year, I’ve had my disappointments, I’ve had my blue times (which by the way were many) and I’m still here, right? So, although it was the saddest year of my life it was the happiest? Funny isn’t it? And it’s only now that I realise how much I’ve grown past this crazy and wild times. I’m mean, I fought for so many things -not real fights ha- but specially for myself. I built myself and i got a feeling that i got a good result. Let’s hope next year we get a great one, right?

So, by the end of it all I just want to say that I’m glad. I’m glad all kind of shit happened in my life ’cause this shit brought me to who I am right now. A girl that loves her family, that want to help humanity, that really likes animals, and likes kids movies. That’s what I got for sure this year. Oh, I also got the true best friends, seriously. No words to explain how extremely awesome my group of friends is, so I’ll leave this to another hour.

At the end of it all I’m truely happy, still following my dreams and discovering myself more and more. So let’s all make something, when it’s midnight and we are starting to make our wishes, let’s all just take a deep breath and feel the moment. Let us all fully believe that this year will be the year that we’ll find love, any kind of love, and that will be the year that we’ll accomplish some dreams, and create so many others. And let’s not forget to be thankfull for 2013.

I never know how to finish this so…


Love, Gab B

P.S: I wrote this listening to Say Something – A great big world, It’s a very sad song but weirdly it cheered me up, hahaha.

Father’s Day

Tomorrow (actually today, because it is already 00:32 so…) is Father’s Day here in Brazil. It’s going to be my first without my father, who passed away on february of 2013. I don’t actually know what to expect, i guess it will only be a regular day, like any other but I’d bet anything that if I start to think about my father, or even to only think about the celebration itself I’ll cry.

It’s sad to tell how fast things change, you know. I was travelling when daddy started having symptoms of Hepatitis B, and nine day after that he was gone. It’s already been 6 months since than, and my life has changed so much! I moved out from my beautiful big house full of memories to an tiny empty apartment, I have been studying 10 times more than i used to so I don’t have time to think of how much does it constantly hurts, and not to talk about the mother/brother issues that I have. Life changed into a severe way that I would not wish on anyone.

So, that being said, I’m sad. I’m blue. I’m not feeling very optimistic about school or happiness, get it? We -people, i mean- just need sometime to feel melancholy, and I think my time is coming again, even though I don’t want it to.
Or not, i might be wrong, and all I’m saying is just bullshit. The only thing I know is that right now I miss my father, and for me that’s enough.

(Day to day I’ll talk more about it, I’m just not comfortable enough…. I’m feeling a bit alone, like I’m the only one who can hold this kind of feeling, i think. But It’s will fit where it has to fit, no worries)


Vem e vai

Detesto exibição de felicidade

Por puro EGOísmo

Por pura inveja

Detesto, muito.

Só se odeia quando não É conosco, obviamente

porque estar com alguém

Aí sim, estar com alguém.

Me vem fogo a cabeça, traquinagens, fazer a inveja

Ser um exibiDOR de felicidade,

Aí sim, neste caso

Agradeço pela minha