England, sweetest England

England, sweetest England

I went to an exchange to England last year. I spent almost a month there and I had one of the greatest time of my life. Every little piece of me is missing the experience, the people.. even the food! I mean, it’s not that much time, but still I miss it soooooo much. It is just so good to go some place new, where you don’t have to be trying to impress anyone, not that I usually do that, but there I felt like I was me. Entirely me, you know? It’s good, especially when you are a teenager and need some reassurance of what you are. That’s pretty damn great. I miss England, I miss that month, that crazy traveller spirit that guides you. I just wanted to share this because it’s a pitty that it has gone so fast.
BTW, I was walking when I took that pic. I felt pretty fucking awesome after that.


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