Crazy post, but If you read this you have to read the next one…

Hello! So, I’m having a new routine, how about that? Well, It has started this week so it’s pretty new. It’s hard because it envolves more and moooore of me….. guess what

Oh, You’ll never guess that… believe me

ok, it’s studying. It envolves more of me studying. Got you (or not), it’s not really revealing, but still, It’s different and I like making things go in a different way. Just like this post, right now I’m not even a little bit worried how this is written, so forgive my probable mistakes….


that’s is just not what I wanted to talk about :((((

I guess i just have to start another one, but don’t get dissapointed, you –person that I don’t know and that is really probable to have given up of reading this– I have a point with all this (at least I think I do).

Promise: It will be interesting

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