Serious post about Love (well not that much)

So, I have just written a crazy post, now this is the good one. So, my mind was wandering by love. I mean, It’s a tricky thing, right? Well…

I’m a girl that has never loved. Ok, maybe not that desperate(haha), but I have never loved someone like girl and boy, man and woman. I love my family, my friends and stuff, well you got it. So, you can imagine how much my mind wonders about it.

It is getting really hard to write about this… So, I’ll try to simplify it.

I adore Love, I could breath fairytales –where things are just perfect and people simply fall in love because of something they believe that is inside of the other one-, I have only kissed 2 boys and when i did it I wasn’t passionate, and I feel this youth(?) inside of me. Ok, maybe not the best word, atraction, perhaps? Well, all I know is that I want to discover it, you can call it “randiness” but it’s not like it.
I want the experience. I want to get to know someone entirely, and vice versa. I want funny stories, passionate kisses (the hot ones as well, haha), fights, songs that mark our lives forever, i want to sleep late, i want to make plans! And even if you tell me that for all of that, at some point I’m going to have to get dissapointed, I will. Because just to live it I think It’d be worth it. It would complete me for some time, and when is time to let go, I would. Or not.

Maybe that time wouldn’t come, or it would come sooner than I expected, but the major point is that I don’t really know! Even though I know this isn’t somethiung that you predict I have nothing to compare, or to say how it will go. So right now, all I’m asking is…


Not that desperate –again-, I’m just saying It would be nice to have someone around to hear me, ok? Anyway, It’s not good to be like watching every step after it, it’s always said that the best love comes unexpectedly, right? I feel like a little bit of change would make me well.

This is more about what I’m thinking right now, just a little realistic. So sming up it all: I want to fall in love because I want to feel how it is and I truly think Love is beautiful, and that it moves things.Someday I’ll write about it in a more serious way. Today was just to play a little bit with words, I’m reeeeeeally tired right now, It’s late here in Brazil.

Have I mentionaded that I’m from Brazil? No?

I’m from Brazil.

P.S.: While I was writing it I was listenig to: SWEATER WHEATER – THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. Maybe this lyrics influenciated me (really likely).
P.S.: Any observations are accepted, even the mean ones hahah
And have a nice week.

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