Crap! It’s happening (NOW IS FOR REAL)

Hello pretty people, I have some news to tell which  are good and not good in the same way. So, I’ll start telling the good ones:

I’m in love.

So yeap, I am feeling everything, goosebumps, sweating, different rhythm of breathing and even the imagination floating over different realities. So until then, everything was going great, but I didn’t know where I was getting into when I wished I’d fallen in love for someone -I made a huge mistake when I did not specify the clauses of who I wanted to fall in love with or even when I wanted it to happen-

As my english sucks, I’ll try to simplify it:

I am in a group of very united friends. In this group there is this friend (let’s call him A) who had a huge crush on me and made our relationship very hard because I didn’t liked him that way. It was a rought time, but It’s in the past and fourtunatly he is recovering from me having broken his heart. Anyway, now we are friends and finally everything is slowly getting better.

The problem is there is another friend (let’s call him M) who is really close to A -like bff- and, suddenly has become REALLY really important to me. The kind of important that you want to be near all the time.

If you didn’t get what’s going on yet, I’ll be clearer. I am in love for someone who I think doesn’t like me the same way right now, who is also one of my best friends, and is so loyal to his friendships that I really think would stop himself from doing anything, you know?

So YES! I am for real in love and all conspire agains me. It’s a really hard situation, believe me. I think so much about it that is messing up my studies. And until now, nothing has happened. Everything is happening inside me. It’s like a play where I am the only one to decide how the acts will be organized but they affect everyone.

My life scenario is a mess.

I hope you (people that I’ll get to know someday) understand my situation right now, and If you can give me any advices please, share. I’m thinking right now about make things go more naturally. If it is to happen It will, right? 

Anyway! I’m really confused and I needed to write something about it -despite my horrible english- to calm my anxiety.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed and understood everything. If you can help me, please leave a comment. If not, you can leave me a motivational frase or anything you think can be usefull to me. Thank you for your time.

See you!

P.S.:I would revise the text if I didn’t have to study right now, so I sorry for any mistake.

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