I’M FINALLY IN LOVE and it’s definitely not what your thinking I’m IN LOVE with a song, yeap. But it’s still a good thing, anyway… Hi!  It’s been a while since the last time i’ve written something, but i swear it’s just a problem of being organized and not being able to make […]

Father’s Day

Tomorrow (actually today, because it is already 00:32 so…) is Father’s Day here in Brazil. It’s going to be my first without my father, who passed away on february of 2013. I don’t actually know what to expect, i guess it will only be a regular day, like any other but I’d bet anything that […]

Vem e vai

Detesto exibição de felicidade Por puro EGOísmo Por pura inveja Detesto, muito. Só se odeia quando não É conosco, obviamente porque estar com alguém Aí sim, estar com alguém. Me vem fogo a cabeça, traquinagens, fazer a inveja Ser um exibiDOR de felicidade, Aí sim, neste caso Agradeço pela minha hipocrisia